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Does the one who makes the human ear not hear? Does the one who forms the human eye not see? (Ps. 94:9).

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Dear Jesus, please fight the horrible thoughts and feelings inside me and please make it all stop please perform this miracle and do whatever it takes to take away the monster i feel inside thank you so much
Please help me find my happiness, help me find my path again, I have become lost and need my Shepard to lead me home again. Also please help and guide Jeremy back into your loving arms and help him become the better man that I know he can be
Lord I need you to help me with my kids they need a home no one will take from them a place where my grand kids can grow up safe known god a wait for him to return for us
You are the very best at what you do. This site has made my deepest desire so simple! This has everything I could possibly need. Dr. Ekaka thanks for all your love and help. Your love spell brought my partner back to me, after 3 years from the moment we broke up. And this evil woman finally disappeared. You chose me even if you can only take two clients a week and I am glad I chose you and also thank you for helping me to locate my lovely sister again
Dear Jesus, help me find a job with work permit. I know you can do it. Nothing is impossible for you. The Father has given you all the authority of heaven and earth. I knock your door for mercy. Help me Jesus, have mercy on me. Your friend, Ben
Dear God in Heaven please help my w all of my problems. Also help my husband Chris get more claims and for my son Michael to find a job. In your son Jesus name I pray Linda
I'm pleased that I seen this website, precisely the proper information that I was trying to find! cadcgfedfdfg
For my wife who is suffering. For our unborn children.
Hi Jesus, Please help me with all the issues I am facing now. Let my wife deliver a healthy baby with out any issues. Thanks
Dear God. Please hear my prayer that my husband Chris gets more claims I order for us to live and pay our bills,,help Mike Haley and Pam I their needs I your Son Jesus name I pray Linda
Please dear Jesus , Iknow I am a sinner , and I know I should not be asking for your help, and you have all the right not to help me, but I am asking you fot financial help , l am strap , with medical bills, my wife has been through so much in her lifetime my parents are helping my bother, please dear Jesus grant my petition just once so I can make there lives better, please dear Jesus please help me please
Lord Jesus destroy evil spirit snd power in me , take your control now on me.give me good sleep in night without any dreams and pills .pls God hear my prayer now control my thoughts and life , Dont ever leave me God , I cant live without you
The Lady who prayed the man who is not talking to her, will. That was my prayer, except i am a man and prayed the woman i loved would be my friend and talk to me again. I pray that whilst my prayer seems destined to no answer and i am fast on the way to atheism, that you will get your prayer answered, for i understand the pain. I wish it could be that you were she then we could both have our prayer answered deeper than we know but what will be will be. Jesus answer this person as you did not me
Jesus as you know i am at the verge of atheism, i ask you to come to me in a way i have asked, either to grant that prayer i made, or deny it but at least let me be aware you exist. If one reader of these prayers is a devout believer then please pray to Jesus or Yahweh to give me my Damascus moment before i turn away for a unending silence does me nothing. I dont ask for money or even a yes to my prayers, but knowing they exist i can be happy, without it then why bother to pray OR believe a lie?
jesus my sister is going through a very hard time she is suffering from migrane jesus my lord she is in troubling relation please help her and bless my brother with a long happy life jesus I pray to u for both of them and for my full family we need u r blessing jesus
Dear Lord God Almighty Father in Heaven, through the power of the Holy Spirit,please help MY WIFE and I through our senior financial situation, we are in dire help for you LORD to GRANTED US more money to help pay our bills, for many medical and personal bill that is press our way ,the Bible say to trust in the lord and AND YOU WILL BLESS US FOR YOUR WORDS IS TRUE ,in your son Jesus name I pray. Amen ! John and Rita
Praise the Lord .pls pray for me to God to give me good sleep in night and destroy evil spirit in me GOD CONTROL ME PLS GOD GIVE ME GOOD SLEEP
Dear Jesus. Please help me. I love someone that is dear to my heart. He is no longer talking to me. Please let me get over this pain and I pray that you give him peace and love. I love him and I wish he would reconsider talking to me again. I am putting it in your hands. Thank You Lord Jesus.
Near Lord please hear my pray, I want to go home, I wish that I can get a job back in greenville sc. Please help me get the job back home
Lord heal my neck tonight. Thank you.
Dear Lord please I surrender to you all things, I can no longer carry them. I have tried repeated with repeated failure to save myself, my family and my daughters. I need you dear Lord I need you to protect them. I ask you to take away all of their troubles and give them to me. I will bear them, I will take on satin's wrath.. Please dear Lord save them........
please lord keep the devil away from me i believe in u lord and i know u got the power 2 help me please help me get a nice home 4 me and my kids lord i need u so much and i want 2 thank u 4everything u done 4 me
Please Jesus, let it be,you know my prayer, i will earn the reward i will sacrifice my life if need be, but please give me a time with the prayer answered first, amen.
Dear Jesus I trust in Thy love and mercy, please pardon us and heal us and help us.Amen
Lord Jesus, keep my heart calm and in peace. Protect me everywhere I go. Protect my loves ones, my brothers and sisters of faith, and everyone around me wherever they go and whatever they do. Protect your children from evil Heavenly Father. All the honor and glory is for you my King, my GOD. Thank you. I love you forever and ever, Amen.
Dear Lord God Almighty Father in Heaven, through the power of the Holy Spirit,please help my husband and I through our senior financial situation, we are in dire help for Chris to make more money to help pay our bills,,in your son Jesus name I pray
oh jesus please help me this is my second love please. i am opening hs profile
Dear Jesus, my faith is dwindling because i hear not even a no and a reason, just nothing, people talk of speaking to God or you, or of signs. Well i have made my prayer it is no sin, but if it be not your will or Gods please let me know why not and give me a sign i will know. But i will ask again, Please let her be my friend again, i have made my vows and will keep the promises i made, even that my death be the final cost. I ask because only you and God have the power, please Lord, amen.
Thank you Dearest Jesus for the health of my Family, please hepl my Mom to feel better this morning. In your name I pray...
Dear God, I need you in my life so very bad, I am just getting to know you, I think I have been afraid of the unknown, thats what has taken me so long, but I am here now, I made it, but you knew i would didn't you?
Lord Jesus, forgive me Heavenly Father for my sins. I beg of you my Lord to give me strength, patience, courage. And fill me with your love, peace, joy. Protect me everywhere I go and from the evil one. Break me. Mold me. Use me for your humble works Jesus. I need you in my life. Without you I am nothing. Thank you for all of your blessings Jesus Christ. I know you hear my prayers. I know you know my needs. I love you forever and ever, AMEN.
please help me to sort out this mess i have been in for some years now. xxx
Jesus please make me together with felix my family is opposing my love..and I want to marry him as soon as family is hell for me..i want to be with him family is trying to marry for another guy..they are not good too..please help me and sort out my problem..
i am in love with a guy. i want to marry him.. plz god help me a lot. we have to change to a new profession. plz ma
kaani nijam gane raghu rama raju ni, jaipall ni nijam gane preminchanu devuda nuvve elagayi sahayam cheyava yesu prabhuva please .
yesu prabhuva nenu college lo oka abbayini chusanu . atani peru jaipaul . atanu. atanini chudagane malli naa kastam marichi potunanu . kani emi cheyanu yesu prabhuva atani jeevitham vellakudadu endukante naa jeevitham maripoyindi . malli venakki tirigi vellipotunanu yesu prabhuva. inka naa jeevitham lo love marriage ledu esuprabhuva . naa kidney poyenta varaku naa jeevitham lo vantalu chesukuni batikestanu devuda.
Jesus, Come and feed you lambs. We need strength to defeat the enemy of sin and Satan and ll his tricks. Please Lord expose those who are evil in sheeps clothing. Please protect and shield Your lambs. Please Protect our brothers and sisters in Iraq and Israel. Amen.
i need jobs god pls help me
My husband n i are going through a bad phase of life in relation finance etc.. it has even effected our martial life where there is just unhappiness.Every effort of mine is going waste n its cause of me where my husband took a job unwillinging cause its a govt indian bank job. I tried every prayer site read bible asked 1000 times jesus to help but i am unaable to get any answer.Please help me n my husband i am a childless woman n this stress seams i am never gona have baby.pls answer my prayer
Please pray for me that the Lord will guide me and open the door a better job with benefits. John
Lord I am lost broken and tired. pls save me from myself.
Jesus my Lord i may be selfish but i do not have a dream with you in, i do not have a voice to recall, i have no picture, i have nothing but the word of your father yet written and retold by man, so my need for affirmation coincides with my prayer and my prayer is only the restoration of the friendship i lost. Please Lord, PLEASE! I beg you to answer i pray vocally every day as you know, so you know me, you know my prayer, please beseech your father to answer it an to speak to me. Amen,thank you
Lord Jesus hear my Prayer. Please heal my daughter, give her peace of mind.
Jesus please let me live a cool life like the teenage mutant ninja turtles...i know theyre not real but they are sort of ....i jus wanna chill out and eat a pizza.....practice some martial arts....and have a girl like april oniel ....come on jesus i....t know you respect that....i jus wanna be loosey goosey if you know what i mean amen
My Lord, My God. YOU know I have been having this case since a few years ago. Tomorrow should be the final day and I ask of YOU lord to bless me with a good result. GOD please let the appeal go smoothly with no enhancement of sentencing. Please GOD, in Jesus name I ask from YOU, amen.
Oh Lord Jesus, Help my son to sleep during night time, he is getting too much trouble to sleep during night times and crying , take away all bad powers from him if there is anything disturbing him. thanks you Jesus hearing my prayer.
Good day to you jesus...and by the way....eli eli lama sabathani
Dear Jesus, i know i did wrong but please may i have my friend back, i can never not love her but just as a friend i will be grateful, i am grateful i ever got to know her. But i am sad without the friendship, please Lord,please hear this prayer, i will not ask for more and swear to be faithful so long as i live to who i am with but please please please let her back into my life. I will do anything i am needed to, i will try to be a better Christian but please bring her back into my life. Amen
Loving lord jesus.. Pls pray for my good health. I m suffrng from migraine headache last 10 years. Its killing me day by day. Please dears pray for me.
jesus please raghu ni dooram cheyadu please jesus . tana manasuni marchava please jesus please . do anything maracle to marry to me with him please . i am asking like you mother . jesus nuvvu tapa naku evvaru sahayam cheyadaniki leru yesu prabhuva .amen

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