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Jesus listens to His people all the time

Does the one who makes the human ear not hear? Does the one who forms the human eye not see? (Ps. 94:9).

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I love you so much Lord, more than I can say with my mouth right now, I guess my tears will do the talking. Please please hear the desperate prayer in my heart Lord. Please, hear my heart o God. If it is your will for us to be together, to wholeheartedly serve you, please Lord prepare the way and let not this thing just about to start slip away and vanish. Please give me strength to carry my emotions and longings, in the midst of it all. As always, not my will but yours... Love, Marcus
Lord I lift up Douglas to you for healing. Seems he has suffered most of his life, but his faith in you is helping him through an ordeal right now. Please help his healing to an extent that he can return home soon. Thank you Lord for listening.
Lord, JESUS, My FATHER in heaven.. I surrender everything unto thee. You know what I am going through. Please give me patience and be my strong tower. Give me your heart and peace. I believe and trust in you. Help me follow your will. Please be with me and guide. Please bless me with a nice job and let YOUR will be done in my life. I ask this in JESUS mighty name, AMEN, AMEN and AMEN!!
praying for job for my son and for the Lord to take away my anxiety and bad habits
Dear Heavenly Father please give me a great job that I will love that has value. Guide me to a place with an atmosphere of respect and cooperation, in a safe and happy environment. Help me to find fulfillment mentally and financially.
Dear Jesus, please do miracle for me in my marriage as per your promise to me before, i will show you miracles. Nothing is impossible for u. i do not want to stand shame in front of others including me.
Jesus, I know you have plans for me. I believe that everything is in your hands. Help me to know you are near when times get hard. Bring me to my knees through my struggles. Help me to be more joyful and thankful in any situation I am in.
Dear god I would like to have my old job please. I miss my friends and love what I done.
Praise the lord, Jesus pls do a miracle for me , I beg to you , pls remove my fear of sleep, give me good sleep, I surrender to you
Please Dear Lord make my grand babies recover perform a miracle
oh jesus, please say what i do whether i proceed my research or not. Oh God please give me a Job. how many times I tried to clear NET?.Please give me NET. Please hear my cry.
Dear Jesus, please help me mary ann
greetings in name of lord jesus. my mom is totally weak because she has undergone 3 operations , thyroid therapy treatment, leg ligament treatment, and they told that there is an unwanted growth in stomach( which jesus made invisible)on the top of this, now she has head problem,(doctor told that may even lead to tumour).she also has diabetes. so her leg was overwhelmed. with these sufferings, now a days she cant even pray regularly. please pray to lord to strengthen her. glory to god.
God, thank you. You have given us your word of instruction with the Holy Bible so that we may know your ways. Thank you. Thank you for speaking to me, guiding my steps, picking me up when I fall day after day, and for providing for my every need. Thank you for your protection from evil and for walking beside me in times of darkness. I have come to rely on you in all that I do bc I know nothing is done Absent your will. You are the highest most glorious, most powerful God. In Jesus name. Amen
Today this day oh Lord, please help me in Jesus name, Amen
God pls help me , pls alka love me pls
Make my day a successful one which is free of all obstacles Relive me of my daily burdens and give me courage Give me strength to overcome evilness within me. Allow me to love all human beings and not be judgmental, regardless. Empower me to help those who are poor and in need. Give me the strength and wisdom to deal with the daily challenges of life. Regardless of the day, I thank you for everything you have given and done for us all Lord Jesus…..Amen.
Oh lord Jesus. My husbnd even he belives u going bad n bad daily. He drinks everyday bcoz of busines loss. I m consoling him daily telng tat u r thr wit us. But i m gtng any changes. Father v both r in young. Plz save hsbnd gve strength to him. Tet hz busines getz improve. Reka sister as helpd us lot in finance. Plz guard their family. I love my husbnd. Plz father bles him b wit him. Let him leave drinks. I dnt g.av any1. Plz help my husbnd Lord Jesus. Amen.
My King and my God, please provide me new work projects that will pay my bills and provide opportunity to marry my fiancee. I give you my all, every day in obedience to Your cross. Give me the grace to have this current business proposal accepted by the client. Allow me to use the talents and skills you have given me and all the hard and smart work put into it. No matter what, I am in this to the end. May Your will be done and Your kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven. El Elohe Israel.
Lord Jesus I need help... I need u! I want change. Please help me Lord Jesus. Please move me Lord Jesus! In the name of the Son, Jesus Christ, Amen!
Please help my family I am getting to old to help them an I have not been the best provider I try but I seam to go backwards not forwards please help them this day forward in your name amen
please pray for me i am going to attend two interviews for assist. Professor in Chemistry, my age is 40 years everyday i am praying god but still now ....., may be this time god will listen my prayer please Jesus give me one permanent position in India thank you
Please help my family I am getting to old to help them an I have not been the best provider I try but I seam to go backwards not forwards please help them this day forward in your name amen
Jesus please hear my prayer
Lord Jesus, Please help me to get a Job as per your will. Amen.
Praise the Lord. Lord Jesus please hear my prayer remove unwanted, bad thoughts from me.destroy all evil spirit in me,destroy devil and its work in me.pls remove the fear of sleep in me.give me good sleep without pills.I praise you for doing that
Dear Jesus please make my mother well Amen
Oh my god.please here my humble prayer for my mother.i beg u my jesus.u r only my hope,faith and mother is struggling for her life a lot.please jesus save my family by save her life....u can only help my mother..praise the lord.aamen.
Dear God please let Raymond call me and please save our marriage. Please God I am begging you please
pplease hear me please grant my request Dear Jesus
I have faith in You God, I have got everything in my life with your blessings. However the LOVE of my life is not with me, I love her so much. Her name is swati, she Left me and she is with some other guy. God show me your Blessing on me, She is very important part of my Life.... Plzz grant her to me.... I LOVE HER A LOT... I love you God
O my lord jesus!! forgive my sins... please forgive me for all the sins i did until this day...I need you now and everytime in my life now as my lord, my saviour.Jesus iam suffering a lot mentally.Help me from the harms and troubles iam facing now.Protect me lord from enemies and eviles.I am very weak to withstand all these.Iam in terrible debt and have no money..lord please cancel my debt for me...i promise i will not be same old person.please take throne of my life.
god, i need my parents and my lover...please understand my worries
What faith have i got, none, so why come, because i love her, IF you exist you know me, you know her, so save me, i submit my free will to you, remove my love or come to me in my dreams and show me that one day she will love me too. There is no sacrifice i wont make, ask and i will do, i need her love, i love her beyond explanation, heart,soul every fibre of me. I would care for her if she were disabled, walk round the world to rescue her, die for her. Jesus i plead, help me see youre real amen
praise the lord God jesus christ please help me my name is kakunoori dayakar iam loving one person her name is Ragipani santhoshi rani past some months onwards we both got misunderstaing with her so iam still waiting for my love i want to marry her but still nw i dint get any call from her she changed her contact number, But please god forgive me please i want to get my love back and i want to rejoin my love with santhoshi rani and want to marry her kindly please help god please hear my prayer
lost my love,job, peacefulness,financially became weak.Please i want my soul to be peae by getting back all these my hubby is far away and not even lifting my calls.please change his mind ,value me.make him to love me and my son.Tears all the day weeping all the day for him.My prayers doesnt reach you.Please help me to overcome my obstacles and reach him or else take me.i lost hope and patience i waited since two years but till now you didnt hear my prayers.Jesus please forgive me and listen
I need a financial miracle so that I can get a home for my family
LORD please help me. take away this problem from me. You know what is going on what scares me right now and there is no one under heaven that could save me except you alone MY GOD. Please help me SAVE ME from my problem. thank you in JESUS NAME AMEN
Jesus l thank you for everything you do and gone to do. Please help me i need some money to pay all my bills.
Father god please help me to get my love back
dear god help us to be good keep us safe keep us happy thank you god
Jesus! I lost my job over a small injury at work. Father , Lord, I went for an exam . I ask you Lord as you send your send your Angels to help me ..I ask you to give me a miracle of passing that exam and be hired for that job I am pursuing. Father , Lord , You are a God of miracles and I know you can do it for me, Thank you Lord...I ask you this in the name of your Son Jesus Christ with fasting and prayer for months...thank you Lord in Jesus name I pray, Amen.
Father God in Jesus Christ name i pray please lez my future wife who i have waited for many years please contact me and come to me that i can marry her before you lord please take me out of this valley of tears and sadness and lonliness save me Jesus bring Mandi to me or me to her in jesus name i pray,help me get the money to make it all possible my faith is in you lord ,i trust and wait unto you your child robert
Pray this prayer out loud: Heavenly Father, in Jesus' name I repent of my sins and open my heart to let Jesus come inside of me. Jesus, You are my Lord and Savior. I believe you died for my sins and you were raised from the dead. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. Thank You Father for saving me in Jesus' name. Amen.
Oh my lord Jesus please help me from my family situations dont know my wife behavior she only thinks about money money she thinks money is only life please teach a lesson to her money is not life relations also life and prayer is most important and she always suspect me if I dont do any mistake also my relationship like a hell please god take way this pain from me and give peace of mind change her mind set teach a good lesson to her please give me strength I cant handle this situations Amen
I pray that the person who killed my nephew will not find Peace in their heart. In Jesus name God please review this person to me so my sister can find peace in her heart. In Jesus name Amen
For my job. Please pray u too. I m Gladson Bini KUmar I.
Thank you Lord Jesus. I pray you bless and forgive your people. May we humble ourselves to you and to each other. You have answered so many of my prayers. Thank you for that. Help me to be a good man. Help my dear friends who need you more then they know. Through you all things are possible. Peace..

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