Jesus Hears your Prayers

Jesus listens to His people all the time

Does the one who makes the human ear not hear? Does the one who forms the human eye not see? (Ps. 94:9).

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Recent Prayers that have been
lifted up for Jesus to Hear

Dear Jesus have mercy on me a sinner. Strengthen my faith and health and have favor on all my petitions. Please open all door of blessings for my career as I can support my family even now that I am working. I guilty.Bless my wife,daughter and sister who have on my side. Bless abundantly those who have pray and help me. Jesus I need miracles for my finances to settled my debts,legal fees and others. Hear my prayers Jesus.Thank you Jesus.
Jesus I never actually prayed to you for anything much but today I need your help. My son ray 16 years old left my home because he wants to be drinking, smoking with friends. I'm hurting cause i dont know where he is. Take care of him Jesus and his friends as well. Bring them home to us. Thank you amen.
jesus please i know you are hearing my prayers please provide me job please father since ten years i am joless still i hope in you alone father iam a helpless maother with tow girl kids father please have mercy upon me if anything is wrong with me please forgive me if anything is against you in me please remove it fron me please give me job jesus you are forever and ever everlating god please god provide me job in jesus name i pray amen and amen.
jesus forgive me for the times i sweared. amen
dear god when do i get a girlfriend
Thank you Father for your many blessings. Please help my husband find a new job. We realize that others suffer more than we do. We need Your help and put our lives into your hands. We are grateful for your love and your presence in our lives. We know you have a plan for us. Please grant us peace. We ask this in the name of your Son and our Saviour, Jesus, Christ. Thank you. Amen
Please pray for so i can get a financial break through and be financial independent so i help my self and others
Dear God, please heal and forgive me. I need you very much.
This is priya. one guy proposed me.His name is Jinto.I thought god has send him to me.So i accepted him.Now he is not speaking with me.I dont know the reason yet.I want him back.I cant live without him.Please God With jesus name everything is possible.Please get him back to me .He should love me again and speak with me again.We menas me and Jinto want to live happy life with our almighty gods presence.
Dear Jesus I wish to lift up the shoplifting charges me to drop as for my doctor can write me a medical report on my condition acceptable to the Judge and prosecutor to resolved the cases. And I want to thank those who have help and pray for me on the while. I am also always worried about my finances to pay for my legal fees,debts and others to settled. Jesus I need a finance miracles to over all my worries. Strengthen my faith and health. Have favor on my prayers.Thank you Jesus.
Dear Heavenly father, I pray you to forgive me or all the mistakes i have done in my life.Jesus I am really unhappy with my married life.My husband never understood my love and care for him.I have gone to many places to bring him back from evil thoughts but i failed.I pray you bring back my husband back with pure love.Let him understand and realise whatever mistake he is been doing till date.I hand over all my problem and my husband to you to make realise and change his mind. In your name Amen
God please give child for us, kindly hear my prayer.
May the power of God compelling you through his only begotten son .Lord Jesus Christ hear our prayers . May man kind please be forgiven through the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit , Lord hear our prayers .May all who believe in the Holy Trinity find peace and comfort to bare witness that their is only one Lord Jesus Christ Son of God ,please have mercy on us . I know no better for all my sins and pray for forgiveness to all that fobs through your only begotten son shall our sins lost .
Jesus for many months I have been praying the best I know how for you to take charge of my life and give me purpose. I am still a shell of a person. I feel that you have done NOTHING! But I am sure that it must be my fault.....
Please Jesus help me learn this ussles things which I m obligated to learn! Amen
Dear Jesus I feel guilty for many things and times that I have burden my sisters recently to for her help for finance because is the sole support for 3 boys after her husband passed away. I feel sad and sorry for her and yet I seek her help because she is only I can turn to. I do not have much friends to seek help as they are also committed. Jesus I hope you will bless plenty and abundantly for her kindness and generous to me many times. Jesus have favor on her prayers. Thank you Jesus.
Jesus, forgive me for my sin and unbelief. Help my faith. Please have mercy and save my family. Only You can break my addictions and give me peace by breaking the power of fear, stress and sleeplessness. Tony
Dear Jesus I lift my prayers for the shoplifting against me to drop and resolved as I hope the Judge and prosecutors is merciful to my cases post to 2 June 15.Jesus I have made many mistakes and forgive all my sins. Strengthen my faith and cleanse me with Your precious blood. At the moment my wife is worried about my cases. Jesus please hear my spoken and unspoken prayers. I ask for direction and bless our families. Jesus hear my prayers. Thank you
Dear lord,,,grant us home and your blessings,,,I lift my heart up to you today,,,have mercy and rebuke the poverty in our life
Lord please provide us Australia visa which we have applied and see that today we get call from lawyer that that we got visa please help us
Dear Jesus I wish to lift up prayers for my only sister who have suffer from cancer and diabetic recently. Jesus please heal her completely of her illnesses and restored her to good health and well being. She only bread winner and 3 sons to support. Moreover she have help me in finances when I ask for her help when I need finance. I am grateful for her kindness,Jesus. Jesus please bless her abundantly and protect her family. Thank you dear Jesus hear my prayers.
Pray for my daughter Melanie Ramirez to Pass her hesi rn test this Tuesday, may 12,2015
Dear Jesus I need your miracles to overcome all my problems as I am not a happy person in nature. You know I have never been look down by people and I support my family but I cannot give them comfort life. Jesus please take away all my curses from me. I wish to bless many people who have pray and help me. I am really grateful to them and wish I could bless them but I have the kind of ability to do so. I wish Jesus give the miracles and power to bless them. Jesus have favor on my prayers
Dear Jesus my case trial conference is tomorrow and hope the Judge and prosecutor is in my favor to drop the charges against me and resolved. Bless all who have pray and help me. Jesus I need finance miracles to pay for my legal and others. Jesus please bless and prosper me a sinner. Jesus please hear my prayers. Thank you
Thank You Jesus for healing my wife who is not feeling well for the last few days when my daughter brought to see the doctor at the hospital that she is normal with her blood test. I thank God that she is well and I like to see her well always. I hope she can change her habit of washing her clothes by not using more water and spent too much time in the toilet. And I always worried about finances to support my family.Jesus please help me.Thank You Jesus for everything and all.
JESUS please hear my petition. Guide our path to the best education choices for our daughter. Open the doors for a good school. YOU know more than me. Im afraid to ask for something that is not good. I trust in You. Help me. it can not be left to chance. you are in control. pls help us tomorrow. Thank you for your mercy. i am afraid but give me strenght and faith to accept your will. pls hear my prayer. thank you Jesus. Amen
Dear Jesus I wish to lift up my prayers for my wife is already not well for a few days and please lift up your healing hands to take away all her illness and restore her health again. Forgive all her sins and have favor on all her prayers. Jesus forgive all my sins and I lift up all my worries for the shoplifting charges against to You.I hope your grace and mercy on the trial to come. I need finance miracles to help my situation now Jesus. Have favor on me, Jesus.Thank you Jesus.
Dear Lord I lift up my mum, who is in need of protection and caring for. Let us resolve this family issue of care for our mother where sibling rivalry and threats of guardians boards are threatening to disrupt her last days.
please remove all the flies from my home, please bring solid buyers and sellers to me to buy or sell their home, please heal my body, and please keep my mom, and kay safe and healthy
Dear Jesus I lift my prayers for my only sister cancer and diabetic to fully recover. Her well being and 3 sons to seek Jesus for salvation. Jesus please bless her abundantly and plenty so that she can lead a better life. Have favor on all my prayers Jesus. Thank you Jesus.
Protect us, Lord Jesus, and give me the strength through you, to do what I must do. I believe that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. Thank you for our many blessings. Amen!
Plz pray for my father dat god will him touch and use him for his mighty name and also pray my job
Dear lord I need help to gain employment as am tired of sitting at home.
Dear Jesus, Thank you for your many blessings and answered my prayers and I wish to lift up shoplifting charges against me to dropped and resolved with he Judge and prosecutors is merciful to my cases to reduced to treatment of the continue MTO for the trial May 12. Jesus please walk thru my house and take away all my worries and illnesses and bless my families. Jesus I need finances miracles to settled my debts and others. Thank you all who have pray for me.Thank Jesus I trust in YOU.
Lord Jesus, my life my marriage is in your hands and i trust in you God. you know my heart and my husbands. shield us from sin. help us fight temptations. let us be fruitful and multiply at your will Jesus Christ. you have control of everything. guide us to become as one in your name Jesus Christ. all the honor and glory is for you. fill us with your everlasting love, your warmth, peace, joy, happiness. In Jesus name i pray, thank you, Amen!
Dear Jesus, I am struggling with purpose and a loss of self esteem. Please help me find a job or a place I can contribute. Please show me the way. Please heal my depression. Amen.
can i please please become a lesbian???? i 8men
can i please become a lesbian???
chimpus showdown pl0x
Dear Jesus, at this moment of my life I feel so many things have happen to me and I am very troubled because of my sins. I hope your miracles and wonder to take away all my troubles that have caused me so depressed. I have troubled many people around me, my wife, daughter, sister and those I love. Jesus I hope your plans for my welfare will come soon. I need finance miracles to overcome many issues that I wish to bless others too. Jesus have favor on me a sinner. Thank you Jesus
dear Jesus please make work better and take away the meaness of supervisor. take away my anxiety and give me calm at work. in Jesus name. Amen
Lord I Thank you for recent blessings in our relationship with our daughter. Please continue to bless her and show her your grace and mercy. I also ask for your opening my ability to hear you again as I struggle to find myself again. I still find myself without a way to support my family and feel cold and empty. Please allow your spirit to fill my soul and guide me through my decisions and future actions. I Jesus name I pray Amen.
Lord restore my marriage. Its been a year now. I wish to receive your blessings on our marriage and family. Bring my husband back away from his mistress. Send her back to her family! Amen!
Dear Lord Jesus forgive all my sins and I lift up my prayers for the shoplifting charges against me to dropped and resolved. I pray that the Judge and Prosecutors in my favors not to charged me and let me have the treatment continued to the MTO sentences. I pray that Your mercy and blessings follows all the days of my life. I need finance miracles to settled my debts, bills and others. . Jesus I trust in You.
i need a good job AM trying to get job but am fail so that i am going under depression God pls help me
God, I thank You for all the blessings that is poured unto me. Please bless me with peace. God, I pray for your mercy and blessing that I would be able to walk out of the court room tomorrow gracefully. Please God, have mercy on me. You have blessed me with two court verdict which is in my favor. Please bless me the same for tomorrow. I pray to You almighty that you touch the hearts of the judges and squash the appeal by the prosecutor. I pray in faith and ask for your mercy, in Jesus name, Amen
Lord Jesus I need your guide. My husband cheated on me. I dont want to be with him anymore. I thought i had a home with him. Our marriage started rough in the beginning anyway. You know this. I am heartbroken. Very sad, but I cannot stay with him. I pray that you guide him too. That you help him. Help us both recover. You know his heart and mine Have mercy on us God Give us strength Give us hope. I trust in you God. My life is in your hands. In Jesus name, I love you forever, Amen.
Dear Jesus, please forgive me for my sins please do not affect my children in any way of the sins that I have committed. Bless my children and me the growth of our finances in our accounts, and within our pockets. Bless my children and me mentally, spiritually, physically, and verbally. Bless my children and me with being a family truthfully, and having a three bedroom with two full bathrooms house as our own home to move into to have that is in great condition all over. Help us day and night

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