Jesus Hears your Prayers

Jesus listens to His people all the time

Does the one who makes the human ear not hear? Does the one who forms the human eye not see? (Ps. 94:9).

Tips on how to Pray


Recent Prayers that have been
lifted up for Jesus to Hear

Lord I Thank you for recent blessings in our relationship with our daughter. Please continue to bless her and show her your grace and mercy. I also ask for your opening my ability to hear you again as I struggle to find myself again. I still find myself without a way to support my family and feel cold and empty. Please allow your spirit to fill my soul and guide me through my decisions and future actions. I Jesus name I pray Amen.
Lord restore my marriage. Its been a year now. I wish to receive your blessings on our marriage and family. Bring my husband back away from his mistress. Send her back to her family! Amen!
Dear Lord Jesus forgive all my sins and I lift up my prayers for the shoplifting charges against me to dropped and resolved. I pray that the Judge and Prosecutors in my favors not to charged me and let me have the treatment continued to the MTO sentences. I pray that Your mercy and blessings follows all the days of my life. I need finance miracles to settled my debts, bills and others. . Jesus I trust in You.
i need a good job AM trying to get job but am fail so that i am going under depression God pls help me
God, I thank You for all the blessings that is poured unto me. Please bless me with peace. God, I pray for your mercy and blessing that I would be able to walk out of the court room tomorrow gracefully. Please God, have mercy on me. You have blessed me with two court verdict which is in my favor. Please bless me the same for tomorrow. I pray to You almighty that you touch the hearts of the judges and squash the appeal by the prosecutor. I pray in faith and ask for your mercy, in Jesus name, Amen
Lord Jesus I need your guide. My husband cheated on me. I dont want to be with him anymore. I thought i had a home with him. Our marriage started rough in the beginning anyway. You know this. I am heartbroken. Very sad, but I cannot stay with him. I pray that you guide him too. That you help him. Help us both recover. You know his heart and mine Have mercy on us God Give us strength Give us hope. I trust in you God. My life is in your hands. In Jesus name, I love you forever, Amen.
Dear Jesus, please forgive me for my sins please do not affect my children in any way of the sins that I have committed. Bless my children and me the growth of our finances in our accounts, and within our pockets. Bless my children and me mentally, spiritually, physically, and verbally. Bless my children and me with being a family truthfully, and having a three bedroom with two full bathrooms house as our own home to move into to have that is in great condition all over. Help us day and night
Heavenly Father, Thank You for the blessings which was poured unto me. Even the little things which does not make any significance usually was felt in my recent times. God, please ensure my freedom which was blessed by You since the day I was sentence in the Session Court. You have blessed me with the same result in the High Court. Please have mercy and touch the judges of the Appeal Court to bring forward the same result. God, I appeal for your mercy and kindness, praying in Jesus name, Amen.
Dear lord,please bring my family back together with t and c please let us reconcile and to be married with more kids please take away all others and all demonic spirits from us please heal our relationship and family I ask in your name Jesus .I love you please heal us
Dear Lord, please heal and free my family from mental suffering. Please reunite me with the person I love again physically and please heal my loneliness. Please show me where to go and what to do. Thank you Lord
Lord, I ask for your wisdom and blessing on my job search. Financial difficulties have forced us to sell most material possessions in an attempt to survive. I ask for your guidance and grace to find a position to support my family. In your name I Pray.
Dear Lord, Please let me bless me with the financial means to meet my obligations. I am sorry for all of my sins Dear Lord. Bless my family and especially my nephew who is having surgery today. In your name, Amen.
Thank You Jesus for delivering my sins .. for always helping and blessing me,my didi, my family n all.God, please fill me with courage,faith in you, happiness,health so that I can fulfill your desire in me , thru You, make my didi happy by You.Give us your Holy soul,wisdom,blood, health,thought,action,sight,smiles,purity.Fill us with YOU GOD, your love forever.Thank you God for always answering our prayer and bringing my didi,famliy,friends together in you forever.GOD I love you,God i need you..
Dear Lord, I am so desperate to have my own home, a family, a husband and blessings from you. I keep coming into properties that I am interested in but is unaffordable to me, because I am alone. This property I saw yesterday please intervene, let the sellers accept an offer that is affordable to me dear lord, as I am really working hard and want to achieve this hearts desire. bless me and my hands as I work for myself and for thee. hear my prayer oh lord.
Dear Lord, please heal my family and free us from our mental suffering. Please reunite me with the person I love again and please take away my loneliness. Please help guide me to where I need to go and what I need to do. Thank you Lord
Jesus thank you so much for all the blessings, please continue to bless me and my family. Please help me financially to help my family. I always believe and trust in you . You did a lot of miracles in my life. Please forgive me for all my sin.Please hear my prayer. I love you Jesus.
Jesus help me find my way.amen
Dear Jesus, Please help me on my exam tomorrow. I need to pass the course. Please, I am begging you. Please, help me answer all the questions. I need your miracle.
Heavenly Father. Thank You and Praise You for all the goodness that You have showered upon me. Past weeks have been very uneasy for me. The uncertainty of my future has been troubling me. I know I should cast all my worries and doubts away, while seeking Your blessing for my continuous freedom. God, I seek your mercy to touch those involve with my case on the 22nd April. Please make them see that I have paid for my mistakes. Please let the results to be in my favor. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
Dear Jesus please guide my son and resolve his conflict with his teacher in accordance with your will.
Lord I am in desperate need of your grace and forgiveness. I acknowledge you before man that you are my savior and died for my sins. I have found myself dead inside not caring for me or anything. It is a terrible place to be and I dont know how to crawl out. I would really like to have someone to talk to that I could have a conversation with. I am not good at spirituality. I know that if you will it my ears will hear, perhaps an angel to guide me. Forgive me lord my sins.Tony Marcyjanik
Lord I find my self at this page often. I want to follow your lead and have you take charge of my life. I have failed in all aspects of my life trying to do it my way. My family is tattered with my daughter moving out because she hates me. Please let her find your peace and love and happiness. I miss her terribly and want her to have a good life. Please let her find comfort in your arms and forgive me for being a terrible role model and complete failure as a father. Tony
Dear Father, you have shown us what love really is. In my home, all my mother and grandmother does is pray constantly. Even my father wakes up in the morning is becoming more agitated, fighting more and being unreasonable. He is making my mother cry, my grandmother upset. There is no peace in the house. I want him to become a man of god, who only speaks of good and thinks good and be kind and loveable. Will this happen?
Dear Jesus, Please I wish I will pass all my courses for this semester. I will study hard for next semester. I need a miracle for this semester. Please...
Lord why didnt you help when I pleaded with you to intervene to save my family? Now it is too late. I feel betrayed by you. I wasnt asking for fame, fortune or material goods. There is no reason for me to go on.
Jesus ARE you there!?
Dearest Jesus just Please hear me, I love You
Lord the last few weeks have been unbearable. I have been trying to reconnect with you but life continues to spiral out of control. Today my last human emotion was devastated. I have nothing left to give and no hope. I am not asking for pity but for your grace to mend relationships with family that have been devastated. Today my daughter left my life forever. I thought it would be ok as she has been out of control for some time, but I am even more heart broken than I can bear.
i desperate want financial blessing and breakthrough in april 2015 . i dont want to suffer in debts and poverty . I desperately wants a miracle april 2015
Please Lord Jesus, hear my prayer. Help my daughter see the errors of her ways and to see clearly to move forward in her life before it is too late. May she believe in you again and trust you. Teach her to stop acting selfishly towards others and to love others again. You know her and love her. Thank you Lord. Amen.
Dear lord jesus, me and my dad really need help. We need this loan this weekend to rebuild his big truck motor and to get are self back on our feet. Please lord, I pray to you and stay facing you no matter what. I fall to your feet and ask for this lord. We need this to better are self and are futures.
Dear jesus christ plz plz God come in my heart and touch me.Jesus plz helps me.I am weakness and helpless.Oh lord hear my prayer and bless me.In the jesus name.
Jesus you know my heart even better than I. I am still lost and struggling with my spirituality. I know that you are my Lord and Savior and that you died for me and my sin, my trust shaken and my life uncertain. I ask for you to return into my heart and take charge of my life for I have failed and my family is suffering. Please reveal to me how I can again serve you in a way that even I can understand. Forgive my arrogance, anger and pride, they have been my greatest faults. Tony
My Heavenly Father, Thank You and praise You for showering me with everything that I am today. God, I humbly ask for your blessings on the 22nd April. The case which I am involve in will be brought forward till then. Please Lord, have mercy on me and touch the hearts of the judges to stand on the current sentence. In Jesus name I pray, Amen
Dear Jesus, please pass me in all of my courses this semester. I promise to study harder for next semester. I am begging you.Please.
He is risen!!! Aleluya!!!
Dear Lord please hear this, please help my love one and our relationship we broke up and we are not in contact with each other I still love her so so much I want her back I cant live with out her and I want us to get back together soon she is so amazing but in this no contact time please keep me in her mind and never let her for get about me please help us get back together soon I love her and she still love me please help us please help us get back into each other arms and be happier than ever
Jesus, I am a broken man who has lost his faith and way. Life has defeated me and I have no value or purpose. I dont hear your voice any more and feel that all is lost. I have lived through suicide of my Father, Loosing my dream and career to care for him before he took his own life, a child who was born with a terrible life long disease and a marriage that is rocky. My fault is great as I have withdrawn and given up with no hope. Forgive me. Please save me from myself.
I love you jesus I know you can help me
jesus I just want to be happy with a husband in I get so lonely at night I want to be with my daughters father before something happens to him and please heal him I begging you jesus please help me be happy I love you jesus
Heavenly Father, I thank You for all the blessings that You have showered me with. I pray that You will provide me with the wisdom and blessings I really needed in these times of uncertainty. Please smoothen the path ahead ad I would be facing my final appeal in the Court Of Appeal. Please show me mercy and touch the hearts of the judges to uphold the sentence of the session and high court without any increase in the sentencing. I beg You God, in Jesus name, Amen
In the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirt. Lord Jesus please bless and guide me all the days of my life. I love and trust in you dear Lord, my King and my Salvation. All Glory to God in the highest. Amen
My father is suffering from cancer of last stage. Oh jesus please save him.i love u jesus. Please heal him.i love u jesus.
God, I thank you for the lease of freedom which is blessed unto me. I beg that You would grant me the freedom by means of a favorable verdict this coming 10th of April. I seek your mercy, blessing and kindness to uphold the current sentence from the session and high court. Thank You and In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
Please lord Jesus remove all obstacles for this baby growing inside of em that you have trusted me with. Amen
God, although my legal advisor tells me that the possibility of a sentence increase is likely, I pray and seek from You otherwise. Please have mercy on me and bless me with a good result on the day of the result. I ask from You, in Jesus name, Amen
oh my jesus, tomorrow morning i have to pay your children school fee and show me the way to clear my all my debts. Please father give me a only one chance to live in new birth. please save me lord.
Please prayer for me to get back my lover n his love n affection towards me My name is Neeraja my lover name is sharan We loved each other from five years Bt suddenly due to his family his neglecting n ignore me nt even called to me n nt even talking to me avoiding me allways from two months im crying daily god nly should change his mind and heart fill it with lot of love and affection n understanding n importance towards me. Please god help me do marriage to me wid him u nly gv hpy n joy to me
My heavenly father. God, I thank you for all your blessings that You have showered unto me. I pray that you have mercy and touch the hearts of the judges so that they will not impose any increase in the sentence. Please God, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.
Dear Jesus, I praise you Holy Name and I thank you for all of you blessings made manifest in my life. Please hear my prayer. I am in love with a woman whose heart has been badly damaged by past abuse. Dear Lord, please touch her heart and heal her so that she would be able to accept the gift of love that I hope and pray with all of my heart that I may be able to bring to her life. I reach out to you Lord with a heart filled with hope that you will hear and answer my prayer. Thank you loving Lord

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