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Jesus listens to His people all the time

Does the one who makes the human ear not hear? Does the one who forms the human eye not see? (Ps. 94:9).

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Jesus, please hear my prayer Please let me win the euro millions jackpot on Friday 24th October, I am begging and pleading for your help! I wish to provide a better life for my friends and family and help those less fortunate. With my winnings I can provide life changing sums of money to charities and family close to my heart, please lord I am begging for your help. I know I have sinned and I am aware of this and I plead for forgiveness please lord grant my prayer Amen
You said ask for anything, not ask for certain things, i asked for a friend back, i asked for even a no, or a wait, i got, as always, no response, that is not a no except when we interpret as such, by such logic if i ask for a sandwich and make one myself, you granted my prayer. Well faith no more, now i want proof, make her my friend again or in the manner i asked, tell me no. Otherwise, i abandon an archaic set of lies, you make a promise, you keep it or else it is a lie.
Thank u Appa... Jesus is my soul...
Hai good mrg Appa... I want to know food details daddy pls help me... How to give wt reduction Diet
Daddy I love u New ah join pani iruka job la enoda best performance kudukanum yelathulaiyum best ah irukanum daddy unga ponna pls help me and guide... I hold u... Pls lift me... Thanks a lot daddy... Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaa gud nite daddy
Manasu kashtama iruku pls help me enakum avanukum problem vara kudathu Appa pls k thank u appa
Hai daddy.... Gud morning... I love u daddy... Daddy heavy body pain... Very tired also... Then we have a problem abt how much salary to give tat my hme...6000 is my wish but 5000 he s wish I want ur help which s d best... And pls clear my body pain daddy... Jesus is my faith miracle truth love ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaa daddy....
Dear Jesus Iam praying for my wife.She Has an interview today.
Thank u Appa I got a job appa... Ur bless is saves me my salary 10000 thanks a lot increase my knowledge and salary also Appa thanks a lot... Love u a lot appa... Gud nite tmrw is my first day pls bless me and every seconds saves me... Praise d lord u r always with us daddy....
Appa.... Diwali gift venum... Na en familyla yarkitayum ketkala... Ketalum tharamatanga... I have a rights to ask u... Give my gift daddy. I am waiting... Love u a lot... Thank u...
Dear Lord hear my prayer. I ask you to open the heart of the man I love. Please let him feel your love and know that you will watch over him. Let him feel that I love him and want him back in my life. Please let him know that he is worth loving and he has a lot to give. I am blessed for all that you have given me Lord. I ask that you bring him back to me. I ask in your name because you are a loving, giving. most powerful God. Amen.
Jesus enoda amma ku ipo 30000thousand rupees thevai paduthu appa... Pls ammavoda yella pavathaiyum manichi avangaluku unga kirubaiyin perla help panunga antha panam avangaluku kedaika udhavanum daddy... Jesus is my angel... Jesus is my family... Jesus is my soul... He always helps to alll... He is waiting for his child... I love u daddy... Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaa thank u lot appa...
Jesus..... Job venum en padipuku yetha mathipana velai enaku venum daddy... Pls give me a best job daddy... Thank u... Thank a lot daddy... Jesus always loves us... He is a infinitive miracle...
Thank u daddy... I love u so much... Ithu maintain aganum yarum enna disturb panna kudathu daddy en ajay yelarukum enga veetla pudikanum then avanuku police velai enaku en padipuku yetha mathipana velai venum daddy... Enaku ithu varaikum senjathuku enna pathukitathuku inimel seiya porathuku pathuka porathuku en chella kutty daddy JESUS ku kodana kodi sosthirangal... Praise d lord... Jesus always loves us... I love u Jesus... U r my daddy ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaa Appa...
I love ajay unga paiyan avan at d same time I want my happy family. I want u daddy Jesus pls save us
Give me a happy family
Dear Sweet Jesus please help me to find house to live in. I want to make a cup of coffee for you in my own house as usual.
god give me strength and courage to face the problems in my life...
Dear Lord, I have been sick for some time and still have not gone to the doctor because I have not received my med cards yet. Every day that passes by I feel worse. Pain in my chest radiates onto my whole right arm, swelling in my chest and ribcage area. I am suffering shortness of breathe and it is becoming harder to take care of my kids and family. Please lord I need you now! I feel I am losing this battle with whatever I am sick with. I need you to heal me! Please! I think I am dying.
Dear Lord bless my family so that we may come together in love,peace,health and abundance. Show us the way teach us your path Lord. Amen
Jesus, please be with my mom during her surgery. Please help her to have a speedy recovery and help her to be as healthy as she wants to be. I love you Jesus, please help my whole family. We love you Lord. Amen.
Jesus grant me some money to be given to whom I owed. Tkank you Jesus.
jesus i know have heard
Lord Jesus my Lord and my savior. Save me lord from this world of sins. Thank you Jesus.
jesus give me the things i pray for
Lord Jesus, please do not abandon me. come into my life and work in me. i am a mess and i need You to come and make me new. free me from the chains of this world. i do not want to live in sin. please God. save my soul. i need you in my life, in my heart. there is so much to do for You and i feel like i have done nothing to please You. please Jesus, hold my heart and never let go. GOD You Reign. thank You for hearing my prayers. I love You forever and ever, Amen.
Jesus this is my last request my faith has almost gone due to the lack of response in anyway. All I want is that friend back yes I want more I want to be loved by her but friends is enough so I ask as you promised if I ask in your name.honour that promise and bring her into my life again amen and thank you
lord I am in financial straights I have had no electric in my home for 4 months because of my financial state from falling and hurting my neck back and hip please I need to e ale to pay what I owe in full before they turn it back on and as well I need the rest of my rent before I being putting out I have no one to turn to and no where to go please jesus help me
Bless my family. Please grant that legal action will be resolved justly and according to the Will of Abba Father. Thank you for listening.
Deliver me unto righteousness
I am praying that my son will do what he needs to do to bring his wife and kids back to him. Please soften his heart and let him know he is worthy of being loved and please bring Christians in to his life to bring him back to you
I am in severe need of a money miracle. Recently divorced, bills left for me to pay. A teenager and grandkids in school. Daily needs like food and gas to get to work. I am sinking fast and I am scared to death. Sweet Jesus please help me and show me the way to be debt free. Quickly....
Abba Father heal my wife of cancer make her whole by your stripes on the cross you bore Her sickness touch her body make her whole from the soles of her feet to the top of her head in your mighty name Yahweh !
Dear Jesus i want you to that i get a job,and that Vanessa fall in love with me!! Please hear my prayers!!
Lord, please let this church meeting be successful and productive. Please let the church vote on my husband to be the next Pastor.
Lord please help my business be successful to help my family business provides for us..lord hear my prayer please help us
My husband divorced me 5 years after 10years of serving our family living in 5 countries. He left me with nothing n took my boys. I have no children n no career after I spent out marriage supporting his successful life. I need $$ to survive. Am at this point of desperation need a job,treasure,lotto. A MIRACLE!! I know God will provide n he will prosper me. It need to b soon. My retirement savings seem to be shrinking too fast.
Lord God, please help my husband to seek employment. He has had two interviews this week. Please let this man of God get one of rehearse jobs. Lord we claim victory right now in the name of Jesus. You said you will supply all of our needs. Amen.
please be with my daughter eileen in this her greatest day of need. please help to keep her calm and make rational decisions. i know i should be a better christian and will try. please send all my guardian angels to be with her
Jesus I wanna get to know you, I wanna be your friend, I wanna feel close and feel your presence, I wanna receive the blessings youve got for me, deliver me from my temptations, Heal me of anything I have in my body that i dont know, make me healthy, forgive me for my sins, i am sinful and weak, help me with my projects in life with my goals and dreams, give me a girlfriend that can love you first and secondly to me, give me a wife later and a family if its your will...grant these ppl needings
Jesus My Lord i come to You tonight to pray that You clean my son s mind of this confusing thoughts of gay or not gay as he dont have any friends and he feels theres something wring with him and Jesus I know You never make mistakes and if You make a man he is a man and Jesus You also say in the Bible that its sin for 2 of the same sex t be together so please my Jesus save him from the devil that wants to destroy his pure mind with these thoughts please Jesus I beg of You in the Name of Jesus,
Lord Jesus I here by bring my daughter to You as Jesus I feel she has a wrong boy friend that made her do sin and I just feel in my heart his not the right man for her. she doesnt want to listen to anything we say and its been causing problems and a lot of stress in our house for more than 2 years . she always protecting him in front of us and loose her temper for anything Jesus she is a child of You and I dont know what to do every day there is something worse happening in Jesus Name amen
Jesus thank you that I can bring my husband to you tonight. Jesus please help my husband to get a income to support us he lost his business 5 years ago and as of his age over 60 he only earn commission Jesus we can barely buy food and with know medical aid and lost our car as well my husband gave up on life he hasnt had a rest or brake for 5 years he is burnt out please Jesus help him to get back on his feet our marriage is going under cause he lost his dignity and self confidence, amen
Lord Jesus i bring my urgent prayer to You sorry I know Jesus there is so many other people with much more problems Jesus its just my parents was put out of the house that her brother said they can live in as my dad has no job and cause of his age he cant find a job my mom has breast cancer an no medical aid and now they have no where to go and no money and we have a very small place but will let them stay by us if its Your will. Jesus we have only a week left and know funds to help them Amen
Lord Jesus I come to You tonight to ask Jesus please let my son meets a girl if its Your will to become his wife Jesus so he can experience the feeling of caring for each other sharing laughing and loving and through all uplift each other and be a reflection od You Jesus to other young people. Please Jesus have mercy on him as I pray this from a mom that lay this prayer by Your feet as a 911 prayer please Jesus You know the right girl for him You didnt make the man to be alone. Please Jesus
Dear Jesus, Please hear my prayer for my Husband. Thank you for your miracle of healing, please, I ask you again for Lewis to be healed and well again. Please Lord, hear my Prayer.
Lord Jesus, please do not abandon me. come into my life and work in me. i am a mess and i need You to come and make me new. free me from the chains of this world. i do not want to live in sin. please God. save my soul. i need you in my life, in my heart. there is so much to do for You and i feel like i have done nothing to please You. please Jesus, hold my heart and never let go. GOD You Reign. thank You for hearing my prayers. I love You forever and ever, Amen.
Dear Jesus, please fight the horrible thoughts and feelings inside me and please make it all stop please perform this miracle and do whatever it takes to take away the monster i feel inside thank you so much
Please help me find my happiness, help me find my path again, I have become lost and need my Shepard to lead me home again. Also please help and guide Jeremy back into your loving arms and help him become the better man that I know he can be

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