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Does the one who makes the human ear not hear? Does the one who forms the human eye not see? (Ps. 94:9).

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Jesus you have said ask and you shall receive, you know i am asking you something for a year now. May i marry Rohan this year and lead a healthy wealthy beautiful long life together. I surrender our finances, our family problems to you. I cancel every evil spirit coming in our way in your precious name. It is getting too difficult now Lord i eagerly await miracles in our lives. Forgive me whenever i lose faith and give me spiritual strength Oh Lord
Jesus Christ I love you and trust you. Please give me what makes my heart happy and release my burdens... bring a miracle to my life Lord, Iove you and I put all my heart in you.
Dear Jesus, I love you and I believe in your goodness and greatness and innocence. Dear Jesus I pray to hear from a loved one and I pray for my financial situation please listen to my prayer Lord. I love you.
please Jesus give me stable and easy job
Dear Lord God Jesus, Please Help Me, You Know Dear Lord Everything about Me and what is going on in my life. Please hear My Cry and Prayer Jesus. I Need financial Blessing, A Home and A Good Job. Please Forgive Me Your Child Father God. I am Very Sorry Lord If I have Disappointed you. I Surrender All To You Lord Jesus. Please dont pass me by Jesus. Thank You For Listening and hearing my prayers. I Love You Jesus.
lord ,jesus you know my needs.please grant me the blessings i seek. in jesus name ,thank you lord
jesus save me
Jesus what can i say ......i like fine female humans ....i always have....but dont let that stop you from saving me
Jesus, you have the power in your hands to make everything possible, which seems impossible with men. I would really like you to make Chirag realise that he really loves me a lot and that he cannot stay without me. I want Chirag and I to be soul mates of each other, and spend the rest of our lives with each other. I Love him a lot Jesus. Please make us One once again by the touch of your hand. Please help us to Love each other once again. Jesus Please Hear My Prayer.
I want Chirag and I to be back again with each other and Love each other forever. Jesus in Your hands everything is possible. Jesus Please Hear My Prayer.
Lord Jesus thank you that you answer prayers and I know that you will unite me speedily with my partner towards marriage by fire by force now with your precious blood and that you shall renew in my partner a new heart and a contrite spirit that will look forward to our speedy glorious marriage and so shall it be in your holy name I have prayed. Thank you Jesus once again that I have your favour because through you when i pray our Father is glorified in you and shall release my marriage. Amen.
Dear lord Jesus i am not worthy to receive you because i always do wrong things your will but please forgive dear jesus...Thank you for the things i have receive and my life that i have.I am praying now for the problem with ex boyfriend. i broke up with him last month and i want him back...Please make him call me and i want him back into my life..Thank you Lord Jesus...i love you..Please hear my prayers
Lord Jesus, give patience to those that ask for your help. You answer them in Your time not theirs because only You know why things happen and the time that they do. We have to go through the dark, loud, thunderest storm to see after the beautiful clear blue sky. Please God. Give us patience and strength to overcome things. In Jesus name, Thank you my Lord. God you Reign.
Dear Lord Jesus, I dont want to sin anymore. Please God. come into my life and work in me. Change my heart. I believe in you Lord Jesus. And it is the path of righteousness i want to walk on. All the honer and glory is yours my King, my Lord, my God. I also pray and beg that you bring peace in my home. peace btwn my mom and my husband. Please Jesus. Touch their hearts. Thank you for hearing my prayers. In Jesus name, Amen.
my name is sayani chowdhury I am unemployed person I tried heard bt cannot get a government job .every tim at the end of the moment I became disqualified
Times i prayed, promises i kept. And you? NONE! Heartbreak, and you could have stopped it all, free will? Easy easy easy cop out, i want proof what proof did you have denied you, you KNEW God. What proof was needed by the saints who walked WITH you. I begged in agony for just the friendship you denied even that. Then be it as it will be.
I need help before faith dwindles, i have heard half an answer but lord please, give me either that which is my ultimate desire, or the other half of my lesser prayer. That or take me today, i cannot and do not want to live this life as is.
jesus please help me to get job
Jesus heal my schizophrenea
Oh Lord Jesus please help me to stay in my home and find me a job to support myself and others.
Lord jesus you know my prayer may you please grant me the desire of my heart thank you for what your going to do for me lord!
Dear Lord, I pray that you will heal my eyes so that I may see perfectly. I ask that you heal and bless all of my family. Thank you, God. By his stripes, we are healed. Amen.p3
Je save me sus
lord you know my prayer, i need only say thanks, if you will it, it is done, i only want to say please forgive me and direct me to compensate for any sin prohibiting the answering my prayer. Other than that, thank you lord, thank you.
O Lord Jesus Christ thank you for all of your blessings. Please help me to get another apartment God. Lord God please help me to get a job amen.
Oh Jesus my Savior. I am so scared. My oldest daughter is recovering from anorexia and my middle daughter is feeling neglected. My youngest is autistic and struggling on many levels. We are supposed to move from CO to FL and the task is overwhelming amongst all this. I feel I am failing as a father and husband. My wife is overwhelmed as well. Please help us in all these things and guide us to the happiness as a family that we once knew. Let us walk with you in grace and blessings.
Dear Lord Jesus, my God and Father, please forgive me of my sins. So sorry that I have stumbled and along with me someone else has stumbled too. But I know that You died for my sins and the sins of all and that Your strength is made perfect in my weakness. Please heal my heart, oh Lord, and also the heart of my friend with whom this wrong has also been committed. Cause our friendship to be of respectful, Godly love for one another. Lord Jesus, in Your name, I rebuke the sin of lust. Amen.
jesus im done in from every angle all thats left is a dull grey boring lifeless pit of despair ...i really am screwed ...please give me your light....
Jesus please answer soon, my faith is tested but not diminished but if this is a test, it hurts sorely, in light of the prior test, is it enough yet? You know i am sorry for my sins and will try and am trying to be better but please if you hear my prayer at least if you will not answer it, show me the way i can heal my hurt, show me something to keep me on the right path when i feel so forsaken. Bless me father i am a sinner but please shine your blessing upon me amen
Father i dont feel good could you help me
Jesus I want to become life partner of your son yash... so please do miracle in my life... i want to live with him happily for my entire life along with my families and friends......please jesus, i never asked you anything, first time i am begging you.. please make my wish come to true.. i am hoping that u will give me what iam begging. please god, please forgive me if i am asking anything wrong, but if you think you can make anything possible and right things, so make my wish a write thing...
Jesus christ of nazareth i will enter heaven this day alive if you will have me amen
Jesus i know you hate me i wish we were friends i guess its all this sin its all up in me i understand how you feel cause i hate myself..excuse me i gotta go ....oh and by the way im a sniper so if you see a red dot dont worry thats just how i introduce myself....sorry if your crying while reading this but i dont care
Jesus, one other request, i see someone here whose partner George has left her, i believe she has been here a few times asking help, please if the power of two prayers helps, because i know loves ache, answer her prayer, you cant MAKE someone love in a world of free will but you can make her be what he wants and needs you can ease her pain, so please lord answer her, do not let her feel that tearing agony i did. Amen
Okay Jesus, you said ask in your name and it will be given, i ask for a friendship restored to what it was. My sin was to have loved. I offer daily thanks and worship and a solemn oath to always glorify you and your fathers name. But i am weak and need this, so i ask in your name Jesus Christ, please restore my friendship to what it was. I beg you to speedily respond to entrench my faith firmly and because you gave your word. Respectfully and urgently asking, amen
Jesus christ of nazareth remember me when you come into your kingdom
Dear Lord please help and my bf george broke up and its hard to move on coz i still love him..Please lord hear my prayers make him comeback to me and love me more then ever..Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers..I love you!!!!
Dear lord I know in the great scheme of life this request is trivia but please let m be accepted into the school following the appeal tomorrow.
Please Father, grant me peace and happiness that only You can give. Show me your way Lord. Please take away the aches of my heart. Its too much for me to bear. I am giving all my dreams and wishes into your hand. Also, Father please hear the prayers of your children, those that are posted here as well as those uttered every moment
Please Jesus, please answer my prayer, you know what it is, i ask this of you, of your father and in return, i will always give thanks and try to help others even more and be a better person.
Been a while since i asked again Jesus, but please, please answer me. It is a small thing to you but huge to me. I have kept the bargains i made and will continue to do so, please show me what it is i must do and i will but please Lord, let me have my prayer answered.
Lord I ask for forgiveness for being so blind or not wanting to see, for letting the evil whispers take over my ways, forgive me my lord for poisoning my body and soul with the evil mind altering drugs that kept u away, forgive me my lord for the pain I have cause to my family and friends I feel like I need u in my heart cause I feel like this evil is tearing me apart so if u love me and forgive me for the harm I have done I will kick beat and rip the devils ways from my heart, help me please
Forgive me my Lord
As much as i want to, this prayer is not for me lord, it is for the man i saw tonight, please bring happiness and self worth to him, help him back up God. Forgive him any sin that brought the diversion of your blessing, or simply, just help him lord. Many thanks, amen
Firstly, may you answer some of the prayers on here, i know youre not sat in heaven reading from a pc, but thoughts made as prayers are writ, they come to you, and if one more voice can turn your mind to a yes, then as i would want for me so it is only right i add my voice to ask you grant others prayers, help them. And Lord, thank you, i should thank you daily not just ask when i am in need. So you are not forgotten just because you answered, you are worshipped because you listened.
Dear Jesus please hear my prayer and answer my prayer amen
So jesus this is the way it is huh...bla bla blah.....i had evereything perfect ....the earth was gonna be saved...but you had to let em come take me away...they shouldnt of been able to do that ...but it happened....aint dat a bitch we meet again....good times....listen jesus ....i wanna have sex or masturbate so bad.....but its not happening....can you please allow me to do this...amen

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