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Does the one who makes the human ear not hear? Does the one who forms the human eye not see? (Ps. 94:9).

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Lord Jesus, heal my heart and hold it up high God. I am sad depressed heartbroken God. Please Jesus do not forget me. Help me God please. I need you. Without you I am nothing. Without you I have no strength or hope. Please God. Help me and take away people that do harm to me, but bless them and touch and touch their hearts for they are just souls my Lord. And I love them because you love them. Thank you for all your blessings all the honor and glory is for you. In Jesus name Amen!
Lord Jesus, my marriage is in your hands. My life is in your hands. I trust you my Lord. Save my soul. Touch my husbands heart. Help him help me fight against obstacles or temptations. Let us be as one as you would want my Lord. We both know we have to look more for you. Oh Jesus, free us from the chains of this world. Cleanse our souls. Help us grow together in this marriage in Your name, Jesus Christ. I love you God forever and ever, Amen.
Jesus my mother is not well. Please help her, I want her to be with me forever. Please Jesus help her.
I guess you know it all Lord. Thank you Jesus.
Lord Jesus, please help me. I need you everyday, every second of my life. God Almighty, I can only trust in you. God, is my husband cheating on me? My heart is so broken. Please heal my heart. My marriage is in your hands my Lord. Please God, heal me. Touch my husbands heart. My life is in your hand God. I love you forever and ever. Thank you for all Your blessings. In Jesus name, Amen.
Please jesus hear my prayer, im waiting on my contract since january 1st 2015! Since than im home me sharon raj n my husband eshwin nadan hAs no job,please jesus my mother surila rajis sick since 10momths now! She cant talk walk o use her hands she has stroke on her right side of her body! Please hear my prayer jesus.
Jesus, protect me and my family from being permanently separated. I need to raise my kids. Please, God. Amen.
Please let me have my period monthly. Please I pray to u.
Lord save my family in Jesus Holy Name
Lord help my grandchildren to get to know you in Jesus Holy Name
Father,I lost my laptop.Someone took it.Someone in us.I doubt this guy named Sam.God I dont know what to do.I cant tell this to my parents as they took great effort on getting me the laptop.God forgive me if my doubt turns out to be false.Please show me the way.Tell me what to do next.Answer my prayers.Forgive me for all my sins.God I pray for Sam to be like you.Tp have godly characters and help him to be a good person.God,do answer my prayers.Am helpless here.Amen
Jesus, I pray that me and my father will get along and stop fighting for the rest of are time on this planet, thank you Jesus
Lord in Jesus name I need a job. A job so I can have health insurance and to be off on Sundays so I can go to church. I need a financial miracle to be able to pay my debt so that I may find a home for my family. Help me Lord to be able to help others.
Jesus, please hear my prayer. My Mom needs your help. She is so sick. She has always given so much for so many others, never asking for anything in return. Please comfort her in her time of need. Please help her get better. Thank you Lord.
parisutha pidhave, en yesuve en vinnapangalai etru enakaga sevi kodutheere umaku sthothiram. enakaga ayathappata ungaludaya sithathin padi enaku varavendiya gov.job enaku kidaikanum umaku kodi sthothiram amen
thanku jesus urs accept my prayer request
Jesus my boy friend is not talking to me please listen to my prayer that he starts talking to me again. I ask you to forgive me if I have hurt his feelings or someone else. But please grant me this favour, please he talks to me. Please jesus he talks to me. Please listen to my prayer jesus
jesus accept my prayer request my bro and frend save jesus i am feeling sad. plz my jesus
Please Jesus I am very worried about my blood pressure which is getting so high. I am also worried about my thyroid. Thank you Lord Jesus.
oh Lord Jesus, Please grant my request
I pray that the man who came in here today gave me a real $100 bill. I accepted it it out of the kindness of my heart and I hope he has done the same. Please Jesus hear this prayer. Please.
Please Jesus Christ cure my dad's cancer and give him healthy life back. Please my lord wipe our tears specially my my who is agonising herself in a fear of loosing my dad. Prevent obstacles from our life. Fill my dad's life with healthy flesh. I beg you please please listen to me.
Please remove the obstacles preventing Geeta and I from getting married...
Jesus.....lord of if soul....saviour of all....please hear my prayer.
Jesus please dont give up on me, shine your light and lead me back to you please. My anger is to dark and my strength is powerful yet to weak to get to you. I just wana be by your side again please
Please daddy please agree my prayer i want good job
Jesus, please help me. Also, please give comfort to those who are suffering, who are in pain, who are lost, who are afraid. We need you God. We need your love, your strength and courage and hope. We are your children God. Thank you for hearing my prayer, our prayers. Thank you in Jesus name, Amen.
I beg of you Holy Spirit to fill ISIS millitants with love and a change of heart.
Lord Jesus, if it be Your Holy will, please save my mother from this cancer. I am afraid, it looks bad, but I know all things are possible with You Lord. I humbly pray that You may see this cancer into remission and renew her strength. In Your mighty and holy name I pray, Amen. Thank you Jesus.
Jesus, I beg of you to bless my friend, Tracey and her husband Nick, with a child. Thank you!!
Dear Jesus, thank you to hear my prayer to find the new job because i truly need this to restart my life all over again. I believe with my heart
O Lord I pray for my results of exam. Please help me to get selected in this exam. I want to change my life I want to make my parents feel proud about me. I want to see miracle and show this evidence to everyone, I thank you for this precious life and peace. In the name of Jesus. Amen.
Help my family. We are all under a mental strain. Please help us Jesus. Also thank you for the good things in our life because I know they came from you. Amen
Dearest Jesus, you know my love for you. Please help me my temptations, give the graces I need to live a chased life. please, also help me with my temper, I hate my job, I talk about my colleagues and family member behind their backs. please give me the patience I need to be more kind and merciful to others. I keep praying Lord, but I receive no answers from you. Lord, I beg of you please hear me.
I love you so much Lord, more than I can say with my mouth right now, I guess my tears will do the talking. Please please hear the desperate prayer in my heart Lord. Please, hear my heart o God. If it is your will for us to be together, to wholeheartedly serve you, please Lord prepare the way and let not this thing just about to start slip away and vanish. Please give me strength to carry my emotions and longings, in the midst of it all. As always, not my will but yours... Love, Marcus
Lord I lift up Douglas to you for healing. Seems he has suffered most of his life, but his faith in you is helping him through an ordeal right now. Please help his healing to an extent that he can return home soon. Thank you Lord for listening.
Lord, JESUS, My FATHER in heaven.. I surrender everything unto thee. You know what I am going through. Please give me patience and be my strong tower. Give me your heart and peace. I believe and trust in you. Help me follow your will. Please be with me and guide. Please bless me with a nice job and let YOUR will be done in my life. I ask this in JESUS mighty name, AMEN, AMEN and AMEN!!
praying for job for my son and for the Lord to take away my anxiety and bad habits
Dear Heavenly Father please give me a great job that I will love that has value. Guide me to a place with an atmosphere of respect and cooperation, in a safe and happy environment. Help me to find fulfillment mentally and financially.
Dear Jesus, please do miracle for me in my marriage as per your promise to me before, i will show you miracles. Nothing is impossible for u. i do not want to stand shame in front of others including me.
Jesus, I know you have plans for me. I believe that everything is in your hands. Help me to know you are near when times get hard. Bring me to my knees through my struggles. Help me to be more joyful and thankful in any situation I am in.
Dear god I would like to have my old job please. I miss my friends and love what I done.
Praise the lord, Jesus pls do a miracle for me , I beg to you , pls remove my fear of sleep, give me good sleep, I surrender to you
Please Dear Lord make my grand babies recover perform a miracle
oh jesus, please say what i do whether i proceed my research or not. Oh God please give me a Job. how many times I tried to clear NET?.Please give me NET. Please hear my cry.
Dear Jesus, please help me mary ann
greetings in name of lord jesus. my mom is totally weak because she has undergone 3 operations , thyroid therapy treatment, leg ligament treatment, and they told that there is an unwanted growth in stomach( which jesus made invisible)on the top of this, now she has head problem,(doctor told that may even lead to tumour).she also has diabetes. so her leg was overwhelmed. with these sufferings, now a days she cant even pray regularly. please pray to lord to strengthen her. glory to god.
God, thank you. You have given us your word of instruction with the Holy Bible so that we may know your ways. Thank you. Thank you for speaking to me, guiding my steps, picking me up when I fall day after day, and for providing for my every need. Thank you for your protection from evil and for walking beside me in times of darkness. I have come to rely on you in all that I do bc I know nothing is done Absent your will. You are the highest most glorious, most powerful God. In Jesus name. Amen
Today this day oh Lord, please help me in Jesus name, Amen

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